Adain Avion - a Cultural Olympiad 2012 project

>> 26.5.11

Following a collaboration on the design of Chapter Arts interior between Angela Gidden and Marc Rees under their Gidden+Rees i.d the creative partnership, the creative duo are embarking on an exciting project bringing together two Welsh brands - Nomad & Nest and Adain Avion.

The latter is the brainchild of Marc Rees who was selected to represent Wales in the Cultural Olympiad 2012. His Adain Avion project is a site specific touring community based performance that takes place inside the fuselage of a DC-9 which is being brought over from Spain. The AA brand has been created by one of our design associates Dylan Griffith of Smorgasbord (Amsterdam & Cardiff Agency). The project also includes the design of the travel accessories and in-flight merchandise including flight bags - retro style of course. This is where Angela comes in....... along with Nomad & Nest as the design, manufacturing and retail 'wing'.... excuse the pun!


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